Join us Thursday, May 4, 11, 18, 25, and June 1

Yoga in the Galleries!

Take a break from your day and explore the world of Yoga at the Morris Center! This hour long yoga session will be provided by yoga instructor Kelsey Lee, who will guide the class through a series of gentle and relaxing yoga poses.

Kelsey loves yoga so much it’s infectious. It’s like she just can’t stop doing it, talking about it, reading about it, writing about it, teaching it, and applying it to everything she does. Her goal is to make yoga challenging and bring greater awareness to both body and mind. She also tries to keep it lighthearted, because life is too short to be serious all the time!
Beginners are welcome! Please bring your own Yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes!

Classes are $6 dollars individually, or $25 for all five dates! Members get in free!


Join us on Wednesday, May 31st, at 5:30pm.

Steam Locomotive History

Join us for a special presentation on the history of steam locomotives! These steam-powered behemoths rip and roared their way across the United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Terry Koller, Manager of Railroad Operations at the Georgia State Railroad Museum, is fascinated with machines. His expertise working with the steam and diesel locomotives of day’s past allows him to keep the technology and history alive and breathing.


Join us on Thursday, June 8 at 4:00pm.

Tribes of the Lowcountry

Visit the Morris Center to join Thad Beckum of Beckum Outdoors for a special look into Native American Migration history, focusing on the many tribes of South Carolina and the Lowcountry!

Learn about some of the tools and weapons Native Americans used to hunt and battle with, from the bows and arrows to the stone clubs and hatchets.Take a closer look at the languages that helped define each tribe, and the unique ways each tribe communicated!



Join us on Saturday, June 10 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

The First South Carolinians Grand Exhibit Opening

The Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage will be hosting an opening event on Saturday, June 10 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in celebration of their upcoming exhibit, “The First South Carolinians.”

This event will feature free food, giveaways, programs and more!

 At 1.00pm, Dr. Will Moreau Goins will be giving a musical and storytelling presentation on Native Americans. Dr. Goins has spent his life celebrating his Cherokee heritage through his poetry, art, activism and more, and is currently working as part of the South Carolina Humanities Speakers Bureau.

At 2:00pm, Christopher Judge, an archeologist and professor at USC Lancaster will be giving a program on South Carolina pre-history, discussing the variety of cultures that developed across our state throughout its storied history. Judge is an expert in late prehistoric archeology with an emphasis on South Carolina and is currently serving as Assistant Director of Native American Studies at USC Lancaster.

Join us on Wednesday, June 14 at 11:00am.

Reptiles and Amphibians of the Lowcountry

Alligators, snakes, and turtles oh my! Reptiles are an exciting and important part of our ecosystem. Join us on Wednesday, June 14 to take a closer look at the intriguing characteristics of local reptiles and learn how to respectfully and safely interact with wild reptiles. Decipher the difference between reptiles and amphibians and learn how amphibians can tell us about the health of our ecosystem. We hope to see you here at the Morris Center!

Join us on Wednesday, June 21 at 6:00pm.

Welcoming the Enemy at Walterboro Airfield

Join independent historian Elizabeth Laney for a presentation on the unique story of Walterboro airfield, the training grounds for the Tuskegee Airmen and home to one of the Lowcountry’s German prisoner of war camps. Take an in-depth look into the colliding cultures and social strife of this unique centerpiece in Lowcountry history.

Laney curated the award winning Colleton Museum exhibit “‘Shaking the Jug’: The Tuskegee Airmen at Walterboro Airfield and has written several papers on Walterboro’s African American history.


Join us on Wednesday, July 12 from 11:00am to 12:00pm and from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

Archery Camp

Join Joel P. Vos, Education Coordinator with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, for a hands on learning experience on the ancient art of archery. The bow and arrow has been seen throughout history dating back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, over 10,000 years ago.

Transcending culture, the bow and arrow have played an integral part in the development of humanity from war, to hunting, to recreation and more. Get out doors and test your skills as you learn what it takes to be a bowman! This event is free and open to the public.

Join us on Friday, July 14 at 11:00am.

Djembe Drum Class

Join the Morris Center for a special presentation by Hardeeville-Ridgeland Middle School Band Director Christina Randall. Learn about the various artistic techniques of playing the djembe, or the African Drum, and then try them yourself! This is a hands on program promoting participation among visitors and students, who will have the chance to learn a few songs of their own!

This program will engage visitors and then put their skills to the test!

Join us on Wednesday, July 26 at 1:00pm.

Kid’s Lowcountry Raptor Summer Camp with Lila Arnold!

Join us for a special summertime program with Lila Arnold of Lowcountry Raptors!

Take a close look at the variety of birds of prey that inhabit the Lowcountry. From hawks to falcons to owls and more, meet the birds face to face and learn just how important these creatures are to the environment. Guests will get a chance to examine and dissect owl pellets to learn about their hunting habits, diets and more! This is one summer program you won’t want to miss!

Join us on Saturday, August 26th at 2:00pm.

The Seeds of the Final Solution

Join us for a presentation by Holocaust-history specialist Lucy Beam Hoffman. Take a close look at the Final Solution, the Nazi Party’s plan to initiate deliberate genocide against the Jewish people. Over two-thirds of European Jews perished under German rule due to Nazi euthanasia programs and their invasion of the Soviet Union. Learn about this tragic and tumultuous time and the events that led up to it.

Lucy Beam Hoffman is a business-owner who returned to college in 2002 to pursue a Masters in History. She specializes in Holocaust history, and her passions are writing, speaking, and teaching.