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Soul of the South takes visitors on a musical journey highlighting the influences that Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and the European colonizers in the Lowcountry had on various genres of music: gospel, jazz, blues, musical theater and rock and roll. The exhibit also showcases local musicians and groups whose notoriety reached beyond the Lowcountry.


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3-D Honey Hill Battlefield Display

Get a feel for how this significant battle of the Civil War played out. This display features a three-dimensional diorama of the Honey Hill Battlefield that took place in Ridgeland, South Carolina on November 30, 1864.


Diversity Endangered

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January 2 - April 24, 2021



Diversity Endangered is a natural history exhibit created by the Smithsonian Institute with a grant from the National Science Foundation. Every time a highway is constructed, a river dammed, a streambed diverted, or a forest cleared, the natural habitat of plants and animals is lost. In many cases, habitat is not destroyed entirely but what does vanish is the unseen diversity that depends on complex interactions between all of an environment’s elements.